Buying Property

Sydney Conveyancing Company can assist you with buying a property.

Whether it is your first, second or third time, buying a property is a very important and significant decision to make and can sometimes be a complex process.

We ensure that you understand the entire process of buying a property and keep you informed throughout the process.

There are a number of steps involved with buying a property.

You will:
1. Phone Sydney Conveyancing Company to explain the “buying property process” to you
2. Obtain a loan pre-approval from your Bank or Broker
3. Find a suitable property within the range of your financial capacity
4. Instruct the selling agent to forward the Contract of Sale to Sydney Conveyancing Company
5. Negotiate the best possible price for the property
6. Once the offer is accepted, arrange for the following reports if applicable:

  • Building Report;
  • Pest Report;
  • Strata Inspection Report.

We will:
1. Review the property online
2. Review the Contract of Sale
3. Request any necessary amendments to the Contract of Sale
4. Make preliminary enquiries
5. We can also assist with arranging property reports
6. Advise you

You will:
1. Sign the Contract
2. Pay 10% deposit (or less if negotiated)
3. Obtain your formal loan approval from your Bank or Broker

We will:
1. Ensure that the Contract is ready for exchange
2. Exchange the Contracts with Vendor’s Solicitors

You will:
1. Contact your Bank or Broker
2. Arrange for your Mortgage documents to be sent to you
3. Sign your mortgage documents and return to your Bank or Broker
4. Take out building insurance (not required for strata title lot)
5. Start organising your move including removalists and connection of services
6. Arrange a final inspection of the property prior to settlement with the selling agent

We will:
1. Order and check all property searches
2. Liaise with your Bank or Broker
3. Ensure your Bank is ready for settlement
4. Book settlement with your Bank and the vendor’s solicitor
5. Prepare settlement figures
6. Advise you and your Bank of cheque details for settlement

We will:
1. Attend settlement
2. Ensure that all Title Documents are in order
3. Pay the settlement funds to the Vendor’s Solicitors/Conveyancers
4. Advise you and the selling agent that the settlement has taken place

You will:
1. Collect the keys and any remotes from the selling agent

We will:
1. Send a settlement letter to you
2. Retain your file for 7 years
3. Keep in contact with you

Sydney Conveyancing Company can assist you with all types of purchases including:

  • Houses
  • Apartments
  • Land
  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Rural
  • House & Land Packages
  • Off the Plan
  • Business

We look forward to assisting you with your purchase. Please call us now 02 8404 9300.