Selling Property

Sydney Conveyancing Company can assist you with selling a property.

Whether you are selling to upsize or downsize, or a sea change or a move interstate, or just selling an investment property, there are many important procedures to identify and decisions to make.

The selling process can be an overwhelming experience and requires precision.

We ensure that you understand the entire process of selling a property and that you make the right decisions throughout the process.

There are a number of steps involved with selling a property.

You will:
1. Contact Sydney Conveyancing Company
2. Provide instructions to us to prepare the Contract of Sale
3. Select your Real Estate Agent or seek our assistance

We will:
1. Order necessary searches and prepare the Contract of Sale
2. Forward the Contract of Sale to the Selling Agent prior to marketing
3. Negotiate any amendments requested by prospective purchasers

You will:
1. Sign the Contract of Sale

We will:
1. Ensure that the Contract of Sale is ready for exchange
2. Exchange the Contracts of Sale

You will:
1. Receive and sign the Discharge of Mortgage form (if required)
2. Receive, sign and promptly return the Transfer document to our office.
3. If the deposit is held by your selling agent, provide your selling agent with:
Your Tax File Number
Your bank account details. After settlement, the agent will deduct the commission and any outstanding fees from the deposit and transfer the balance to your nominated account.
4. Start organising your move including removalists and disconnection of services. Make sure that the property is left in a reasonable condition.

We will:
1. Send the Discharge of Mortgage form to your Bank
2. Ensure your Bank is ready for settlement
3. Check settlement figures, adjustment of rates and levies
4. Obtain a Mortgage payout figure from your lender
5. Book settlement with your Mortgagee
6. Direct the purchaser to provide cheques for settlement

You will:
1. Provide all keys, remotes and codes to the selling agent
2. Disconnect services

We will:
1. Attend settlement
2. Ensure that all Title documents are in order
3. Receive the settlement cheques from the Purchaser
4. Advise you and the selling agent that the settlement has taken place

We will:
1. Send a settlement letter to you
2. Notify your local council, water board and owners corporation that you are no longer the owner
3. Retain your file for 7 years
4. Keep in touch with you

You will:
1. Receive our settlement letter
2. Celebrate!

Sydney Conveyancing Company can assist you with all types of sales including:

  • Houses
  • Apartments
  • Land
  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Rural
  • House & Land Packages
  • Off the Plan
  • Business

We look forward to assisting you with your sale. Please call us now 02 8404 9300.